Our Vision

A nation with hope, Godly wisdom and good relationship.

Our Mission

To educate and mentor young families to live by a purpose of life.

Our Story

God has shown us the need for materials for Christians in Cambodia and we believe that Light Times is the best media source for them. Currently, a single copy of Light Times Magazine may reach 30 families, with the average of 5-6 members each, which means that at least 200 people are reading each copy of Light Times. Today we are printing 3,000 copies of Light Times Magazine. By 2021, we plan to print 5,000 copies per issue that will reach around 450,000 people.

Contact Us

Tel: (+855) 23 678 7870
Mobile: (+855) 12 989 712
(+855) 16 989 712
Email: lighttimes@lighttimes.co
Facebook: The light Times Magazine
Address: No.28, St.97r, Sankat Meta Pheap, Khan Reusey Keo, Phnom Penh
P.O Box: 3131 Wat Phnom, Phnom Penh, Cambodia

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