It’s Hard to Have It All!

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Holistic living is the family’s greatest need. But to have the best requires more than just a day or even a year; it requires a long-term commitment, along with some hardship along the way to make it happen. However, there is something unique in Dr. Chou Meanserey and his family.
Today, Meanserey and his wife Yi Pholla work together in a dental clinic in Phnom Penh. They graduated from the faculty of dentistry in Phnom Penh.

  • A list in a relationship

“My wife is a Christian,” says Dr Meanserey. “She loves me, and I love her. Her family supported us to get married in Christ. This was the sign on my ‘list’ to marry her.”

But wife Yi Pholla says she had no idea about what was in “the list,” nor that it even existed. She simply prayed that God would send a good man to be her husband. Then one day, Chou appeared in her life. “Praise God, He sent me a good husband to love and to be honest in the relationship; he was the good Christian that I was dreaming of.

  • It isn’t easy for a couple in the workplace

Many wives wish to spend every minute of every day with their husbands. But for most, this has not been possible.
A wife feels pressure when a husband goes off to work early each morning, leaving their wife and children until sunset. And, even then, some husbands work overtime until late. But many wives worry that their husbands aren’t in fact working overtime. Rather, they out drinking or in extra-marital relationships until late in the evening. Clubs and bars serve the demands of such men.
Early in their relationship, Pholla prayed that she could work with her husband, so that they can stay closer and share the workplace together.

“We don’t know what happens to other husbands when they’re not close together with their wife. . . . For me, when my husband isn’t happy with me, he doesn’t resolve the problem by leaving home. The happiness of a woman occurs when her husband stays near her,”

says Pholla.

“Normally, life is just like the disks in the disk cabinet; when it hits together, it make sounds. We can work it out when together we can forgive.”

  • Keys to a good family relationship

The issue of family and economic survival is a popular concern among Cambodian families. Every family has needs and expenses in their daily living, including food, shelter, education, clothing and activities. All of these require money, and a lack of it makes for a miserable life! But when one lives only ever thinking about making money, in other ways they will be losing something or someone.
Some people are poor but are rich in other ways. They can also earn plenty of money but still find that it is still not enough! They get more money, but they don’t have obedient children, for example. Money can’t buy a good person. Some people earn money in illegal ways, and that money will only cause trouble in the life of the family. Nor does money buy good health.
In response to this situation, Meanserey and Pholla have deep concerns. They are busy every day in their clinic. Meanserey sees his business busy from the early morning till evening and expends all his energy on it. In this circumstance, he sets himself a goal to preserve some quality personal time with Pholla and two boys. His family is valued ahead of his job.

“Our family must have a firm foundation. For me, if we are too busy to take care our family, one day we will lose our family. In our family God comes first, family is second, and the job is third. Devoting time to the family is more important than to the job.”

  • The responsibility for family values

The lives of Meanserey and Pholla bear witness to their beliefs. Materialism is attractive, and it hasn’t been easy for Meanserey and Pholla. But they place their family in God’s care and glorify His name. They talk of the greater responsibility God has placed on them to care for their family first. To maintain firm personal relationships with their children, who must be nourished and sustained. Even though they work hard in sustaining their financial growth, God and family take priority.

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