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Who is the Chiv Family?

Mr. David Chiv and his wife, Amy Chiv are business people.  They started DNAK Company in Cambodia in 2012. The DNAK Company started a butchery manufacturing sausages and coldcuts of international hygiene standards (HACCP) and also started Food and Beverage (F &B) – Digby’s Café and Grocer.

David is an expat Cambodian from the United States of America. He began living in America since 1984.  He is married to his beautiful Singaporean wife Amy.  They have been blessed with two wonderful children, Victor and Victoria.  They now live in Cambodia and are happy here.

Factors have led me to invest in Cambodia.

Mr. and Mrs. Chiv answered these questions and have shared with us an impressive story as to why they live in Cambodia.  Mr. David stated that they came to Cambodia they are here on Business as Mission – to create jobs and to raise standards in F&B in Cambodia.  He said they are responding to the Cambodian needs to help eradicate poverty.  Mrs. Chiv, stated that they have 53 employees; however, in the future, their company and business partners are working  towards creating 10 000 jobs.

She added that about 7 years ago, when David came to Cambodia for mission trip with his church from America, he was very touched by his homeland.  David always desired to come to Cambodia to help the people as he loves his country of birth. Amy however was hesitant as she knew that their children at that time were too young and would have difficulties as such security, education and hygiene conditions. Thus they settled for five years in Singapore.  Then sign and confirmation came from God on their first trip to Mondulkiri in 2011.  They had a bad flat tire in the middle of Sunol village real late at night and God sent two helpers like an angel to assist them out of nowhere and guided them all the way back to Phnom Penh.  They were greatly touched by the warm-heartedness and God planted confirmation in their hearts and they made their decision to move to Cambodia.

Products of DNAK

With God’s favor and grace, David found a place for DNAK Building in year 2011. DNAK building took about 15 months to build and finally completed on street 63 Boeung Keng Kang 1.  Architecturally, David designed and adopted modern industrial look for both interior and exterior of the building. The interior décor of the building is fascinating and Digby’s has three sections on the ground floor – Grocery – where most produce comes from various countries ranging from healthy snacks, organic fruits and vegetables from their partner Discovery Farm, organic products and also gluten free products, beverages; Butchery – where all their sausages and cold cuts as well as fresh quality pork, beef, chicken and lamb are sold; Café – where they serves breakfast, lunch and dinner using only their products and all organic vegetables from their partners.   DNAK’s goal is to provide hygienic and quality products improve our consumers’ health by providing real good wholesome food and drinks which are of high quality and sanitation.  David desires to bring quality products to the people and also calls on other businesses to bring quality products in our society as a whole.

Changes in Business Perspective

From their business perspective, Mr. David Chiv and his family, followers of Jesus, think that there should be a change in the mindset of people towards business development. The goal should be the people’s well-being. When we get into business, we should be ready always to face challenges, were his remarks.  However, challenges are not bigger than God. When we depend on God, we are bound to be successful in life.  He also shared some difficulties and challenges when doing business here. Looking up to heaven, he draws all strength and wisdom from our God.  He said there is always hope when we look up to heaven.

Business Mentality:

The Chiv family commits to improve the company and find ways to meet the needs of people is their priority. They want to bring Cambodia to the next level in terms of F&B and also in the area of  construction and design where David has found his new passion and gifting from God. They have five core points in DNAK company: God, Partners, Employees, Community, and the Government.

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