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Sameoun & Robledo

Mrs. Samoeun Chan Intal fled Cambodia with her family to the Philippines to avoid persecution by the Khmer Rouge regime, returning in 1993 when Cambodia was about to have an election.

Mrs Samoeun founded the first Christian radio station in Cambodia, part of the International Far East Broadcasting Company (FEBC), which broadcasts Voice of Love in the Philippines. And in contrast to most other stations, she transmits mostly good news. She is acclaimed as one of the most influential Cambodian women of our times.

With support from her family, especially husband, she has been active in a leadership role, leading out and consulting in with many social organizations including Evangelical Fellowship of Cambodia (EFC), World Vision Cambodia (WVC), and Genesis Community Transformation (GCT) among others. Her most recent involvement is with the Central Media Network (CMN).

She is respected by her peers as one of the most effective female communicators in Cambodia today. Said one, “Even though she has been away for a long time, Mrs. Samoeun Chan Intal has helped maintain the value of Cambodian women, which is so rare. She is always well and appropriately attired, especially when she attends a ceremony. Moreover, she is always well prepared. She is perhaps the most outstanding Christian leader of Cambodia—devoted to serving God in Cambodia.”

But her success has not come easily, having experienced many obstacles along the way. For example she lost her teenage son in an accident and her husband, Robledo Intal, while working to establish her broadcasting ministry, succumbed to an illness so severe he had to seek treatment overseas.

“I know that there are battles that require us to fight, and we need to fight and win,” she says. “If my family and I were to live abroad, we would have a comfortable time, with nothing to worry about. But because my heart sees the need of my people, I am compelled to sacrifice. My deep love towards my country and people is as deep as the love of a couple blindly in love. That is why I came back.”

Now living in Cambodia, she works with commitment, energy and devotion, never hesitating in the face of trouble. Reaching this point, she said, “My success is every Cambodian female’s success.”

She wants God to use their lives as He uses hers. She sees herself as a role model for today’s Cambodian woman—energized, mentally active, resourceful and devoted—important for a women in service to others and in order to improve society. Cambodian women who maintain their traditions, thoughts and attitudes and have leadership skills, she says, are good role models. Moreover, the love from women is the power of the woman just as Jesus teaches us that “We should love to one another from your heart not just from your words.

By Chin Soksan

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