ACAC, the International Culinary Academy in Cambodia

-by Amie Gosselin

The Academy of Culinary Arts Cambodia


The ACAC is a hospitality training institution offering an internationally recognized diploma in the culinary arts that aligns with ASEAN standards and Swiss work ethos. Our vision and mission as the leading premier culinary training institution in the country is to train Cambodian youth to be competent, skilled and professional players in the hospitality sector. We are committed to delivering the best culinary training in terms of excellence, practice and professionalism and that reflects the contemporary culinary industry and current trends. The ACAC is Cambodia’s first Public-Private partnership, bringing government and private sector stakeholders together to address skills development and unemployment reduction in Cambodia and the region. ACAC faculty and staff are experienced professionals in the culinary arts.

Unique and High Standards ACAC will Help to Build Cambodian People and Country

The Academy of Culinary Arts Cambodia is the country’s first Public-Private partnership. Because it brings together the private sector and government as well as key industry associations and federations, it truly represents Cambodia and its varied society and economy. In addition to these important Cambodian influences, the ACAC is also recognized internationally and operates to ASEAN and Swiss standards. SHL, a Swiss hospitality institution with over 100 years of experience, is the ACAC’s technical training partner and has developed the Academy’s curriculum to reflect international and ASEAN culinary principles. Cambodian people can trust the ACAC to deliver the highest quality education to its youth, including vocational training and on-the-job work experience which prepares young people for a successful career in the hospitality and tourism sectors. High quality vocational training that directly impacts a booming specialized sector helps address the current skill-gap and high youth unemployment rate in the country. In providing the best culinary arts training, on-the-job work experience and valuable connections to the private sector, the ACAC is helping to build and empower Cambodia and Cambodian people.


The Challenges of Making ACAC Completely Worked out   

It took more than three years for Shift360 to develop and execute the Academy of Culinary Arts Cambodia. One of the key challenges in bringing the ACAC to life was developing relationships with key stakeholders. While the ACAC is a culinary training academy, it is also key in Cambodia achieving its goals for vocational training and developing a skilled work force. Casting the Academy’s long-term and powerful vision with people and groups, and securing funding and relevant partnerships took time and energy. Currently, the ACAC building is nearly complete and the newly-finished kitchen is state of the art. The Academy is ready to launch and the next challenge is to receive registration and attract students for the short-term courses starting in December 2016 and the 2-year-diploma starting in March, 2017.

The Academy of Culinary Arts Cambodia promises to deliver the highest possible quality of training in the culinary arts in the country. As a public-private partnership, the ACAC has brought together key stakeholders from important sectors in Cambodian society. These important connections, along with curriculum the represents international and ASEAN standards, promises that students who graduate from the ACAC will gain the skills and experience required to succeed in their future careers.


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