A Delightful Couple

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Chey Sakhon, 57, had seven years experiences (1979-86) as a committee member of the Krol Ko commune in Svay Rieng Province. In addition to his role as a local authority, he was also well-known for his sorcery, working with devil spirits. In 1984, Sakhon married a beautiful woman named Ouk Savorn. But sadly, they discovered that they could not have children.

So Sakhon treated his wife using sorcery, but healing didn’t come. Savorn was regularly ill and tormented by this, over time even lost her desire for life. Sakhon sought all kinds of treatment for Savorn, including both regular medicine and sorcery, becoming ever more desperate, because Savorn was not healed.
Says Savorn, “Every day, I was sick; I didn’t know the reason. I took the medicine, herbs and the sorcery, but received no relief. But since I came to believe in Jesus, my disease was healed. That made me happy and I had hope again.”

Before Sakhon and Savorn accepted Jesus Christ into their livesas their Lord and savior, they heard the gospel about more than 20 years.

They heard about Jesus through a cousin living in the United States. At that time, they did not want to believe, as Chey thought Jesus to be a Western God! Being Cambodian, Jesus was not the Khmer. But some 20 years later, Sakhon began to wonder who Jesus was. He’d heard from others about Jesus, but now he decided to figure out Jesus for himself. He’d seen the power of Jeus to change the lives of His believers; he could see the difference for himself. He discovered that He is the God of all nations. In 2000, the Spirit of God worked on Chey and Ouk, and eventually decided to follow and trust in Jesus. They began their new lives in faith with Jesus. Chey stopped his sorcery, and Ouk was released from the enslavement of disease. The new grace poured into their lives, bringing spiritual and daily prosperity, filling them with true happiness.
Currently, Chey and Ouk work as the pastoral team caring for some 10 churches in Savay Rieng Province. Ouk is a supportive wife helping her husband with the churches, while performing some self-supporting work adding a little to their small monthly income: “God has helped my family so much—our income is really quite good,” says Ouk.

Chey is well-aware that that he needs his wife to share his ministry, and that he cannot serve alone. She helps him with accounting, decoration of the churches, follow-up and fellowship, and runs their small business.

Says Chey of Ouk, “She is so pretty; she is always so nice to people. She is always smiling and her soft and gentle voice draws people to listen. And if there is some difficulty needing tobe solved, I ask her to help and the problem is solved. She’s also good at talking about Jesus, attracting many people to come and believe.”
This couple wants to reach everyone in their community—siblings, friends and others—with Christ, as when they believe, they will be saved and also receive a new life which on earth, experiencing true peace, a happy life and family. Chey says his biggest challenge is sharing Christ with the wealthy who don’t want to listen.
“If they are richer than we are, they always scoff at us, saying, ‘You are poorer than me, so don’t bother telling me about God,’ ” says Sakhon.

He notes that materialism has a stranglehold on most people, especially the wealthy, preventing them choosing Jesus and His salvation. But some people who have good understanding about wealth, salvation, heaven and the true happiness in this life do respond positively, he says. They’ve figured out that a wealth that belongs on earth is not as important as those sacred things of heaven. So the couple continue their journey for good as obedient Christians, bringing the gospel of salvation and knowledge of forgiveness of sins to others.

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