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Christians have been singing the Psalms for thousands of years. In fact, the Psalms have provided a strong foundation for God’s people for a very long time.
Sometimes, the Psalms are happy and very joyful. Sometimes the Psalms are depressed and anxious. We need them all.
The Psalms are a valuable part of our inheritance, and I want to invite you to enjoy the Psalms like a treasure. We need the Psalms.
Our minds need the Psalms.
The Psalms teach us how to think about God.
Our hearts need the Psalms.
The Psalms teach us how to think about feelings and emotions.
Our churches need the Psalms
The Psalms teach us how to worship God in the happy times and the really sad times.
The Psalms do NOT teach us how to be super [amazing] Christians.
The Psalms teach us how to be human Christians.
The Psalms show us what it looks like when a person loves God with his or her whole heart. How do we love God with all of our heart? All of the emotions? All of the feelings? In the good times and the bad times?
Jesus loved the Psalms
In fact, Jesus quotes from the Psalms more than any other Old Testament book. Here are the top four books Jesus quotes:
#4 Exodus
#3 Isaiah
#2 Deuteronomy
#1 Psalms
When Jesus talked about the Psalms, it was almost always in a difficult situation. That is to say, when Jesus was in a stressful situation, he often quoted the Psalms.
When he was speaking to angry leaders who were mad because he healed someone. [Matthew 21:16]
When he was dying on the cross.
[Matthew 27:46]
When he was hated for no reason.
[John 15:25]
When he talked about his betrayal.
[John 13:18]
When the Jews wanted to stone him for claiming divinity. [John 10:34]
When he was being questioned by Pilate.

Matthew 26:64]
When his authority was challenged by the chief priests and elders. [Matthew 21:42]
When he was talking about the coming destruction of Jerusalem. [Matthew 23:39]
Jesus needed the Psalms in hard times. We probably do too.
Here are some more reasons we really need the Psalms:
1) The Psalms teach a strong theology of pain and suffering. Is it OK to be angry at God? What do I do if I feel very sad and depressed? Does a Christian still experience suffering?
2) The Psalms speak to the hearts of people. The Psalms talk about emotions and feelings. Often, we would rather just teach someone’s mind. We love to give information. We love to teach. The Psalms show us a different way.
3) The Psalms show us what to do with uncomfortable feelings. The Psalms teach us to pray in the middle of the uncomfortable emotions. The Psalms teach us what it means to feel things. Indeed, the range of emotions addressed and allowed in the Psalms is much wider than what we’ d typically be comfortable with in our churches.
4) The Psalms show us that following God is more than just believing in Jesus. The Psalms teach us to bring all of our lives to God. In the Psalms, we see a whole person dealing with real life. And still trusting God. Still loving God.
The Psalms are a gift for the Church.
Let us continue to unwrap this gift and learn from God.

If you are a pastor or teacher, please consider teaching your congregation about the Psalms. If you have resources and/or lessons on the Psalms in Khmer, would you please e-mail them to me at ? Thank you so much!

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