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Many would agree, it is the individual mindset of a good leader that is best able to bring about change across society. And is in the family that such leadership is born. So building good families creates the momentum for positive changes in society as a whole. But what of a good family? What makes a family “good”?

Researchers in social development have described those factors that make society prosperous. Among them, the family is the most important. Recently, on his Facebook page, Dr. Sok Siphanna, an economic adviser to the Cambodian government, said this:

“Only when our family is strong can we focus on building a strong community. Only when our community is strong can we build a strong Nation.” He also stated, “the love of our nation starts with the love of ourselves and family, then the Love of our community, which leads to a love of our nation. Enjoy and cherish your family moments.”

In only the academics could figure out that if there is good leadership and our families prosper, so will the nation. But those who understand this argue that family life cannot be improved when the parents are struggling, with insufficient incomes to feed their household and not enough time to devote to their family. Unless there is money and material goods, a family cannot be completely happy, nor what we would define as “good” family. The inequality of wealth creates a social stereotype and negative perceptions about the “good” family.

Then there’s the nationalist-political zealot, who care less for families than their national and/or political ideology. These get deeply involved in political action, such as selling everything in order to support their political party and its policies. Some may have genuine patriotic devotion to the nation, but ignore families, while expecting that the future will care for itself.

The creation of “good” family via political “policy” is difficult. But we must make an effort nevertheless; create a good family that in turn creates good leaders and that in turn will build a good society.
Here are some specific aims for making families great:

■ Put your family first Regardless of work commitments and external activities, family is priority. This means monitoring your child’s education, being diligent in providing an adequate livelihood, maintaining a faithful relationship with your spouse and building positive relationships with your children.

■ Be unified in your parenting Set your family objectives and priorities together, listen to each other, don’t blame the other, avoid confrontation, and submit in love to the other while looking for better ways to implement your family’s goals.
Unity between husband and wife is paramount for success.

■ Service your relationship Find creative ways to enjoy each others company, and demonstrate enthusiasm for your spouse’s happiness. Learn and practice resolving family problems in a positive way. Know how to separate the issues from the values, and the relationship between the couple and their children. Don’t be an angry ox, fighting the cart.

■ Be loyal Do not separate your family from its relatives. Siblings and their relatives is a relationship worth working hard to maintain, even though if can also be the root of some conflict. To avoid problems, the couple should do everything within their power, remaining loyal to the family first of all, so that each member will not be confused. When spouses demonstrate trust and loyalty, they build better relationship with their relatives.

■ Make space for quality time Create exclusive time with your family in which to build good relationship and demonstrate their value. Many children see a gap between themselves and their father. This is because they are nearer the mother than the father, naturally spending more time there. Spending quality time helps fill the gap between you and your children.

Again, good leadership stems from a good family. Children observe parental role models that they will emulate and carry forward into political and social leadership. It’s like painting a wall using the right paint—and the right painter; children need to get the right mindset from their parents as well.


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